KingdomWands Premium

What we offer in the Premium version of the plugin.
To buy the plugin join the discord and send a message to 1 of the 2 Lead Developers.

Lightning fast

It's coded with the intend to get the best performance possible. With the premium version we focus on performance so even the servers with bad specifications can run the plugin.

Fully customisable

We know how much people love to be able to customise things. That is why the you can customise 99% of the premium version. From adding your own spells with our ingame spell creator, editing spells to even customising every single message.


With premium you have everything that is also in the free versions + so much more, with the abillity of also editing everything you can make the plugin exactly how you want to have it and be exclusive.


Many plugins that are as big as this plugin would go for more than €30,- but the price of KingdomWands Premium is just €10,-


Onze support gaat via Discord. Kom in onze discord en maak een ticket aan!